A Letter to Congress

If we as a nation accept that there must be an awakening to the issues regarding women, then we all should be compelled to deeply examine the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. From our point of view, Republicans have crafted an entire process that is dirty and unholy. This one man will have the power to affect perhaps billions of people over the course of his career, and Americans deserve to know their candidate both morally and intellectually. John Roberts insults Americans when he claims that justices just call “balls and strikes;” a simple freshmen 101 sociological study of the court would demonstrate that this could not be further from the truth. Consequently, we as a nation deserve to love our future judge, trusting that this person honestly cares to make our country more just, more equitable, and perhaps err on the side of compassion when a lack of precedence exists. We deserve a justice that we feel cares about us and will sacrifice his well-being for the betterment of the people.

And now we come to our problem. Based on our personal experience, we know:

  • At least a half dozen women who can claim to have been sexually assaulted
  • At least a half dozen women, including three family members, who have been raped
  • That the vast majority of women in our circles claim to have been sexually harassed

And to all the women we know who have been negatively impacted by the behavior of males, can we claim current Republican leadership is watching out for them?

We are ashamed of the Republican party—including Judge Kavanaugh—for its behavior during this debacle, and wholeheartedly believe the party deserves full condemnation for hurting American women. Republican response has ranged from avoiding the issue to being downright hostile towards these brave American women who have come forward. No Republican in Congress is calling for a full and complete process of understanding, and to reconsider Judge Kavanaugh based on what facts emerge. No Republican is publicly rebuking the comments and process coming out of its leadership. No Republican has shown empathy to the fact that these women are sacrificing their well-being out of a sense of duty to this nation. In the world of men, that would be a textbook definition of a hero; to Republicans, these women are involved in a “smear campaign” and are problematic.

Americans expect our leaders to be moral beacons, but their leadership has weakened us as, once again, Republican white males are debasing women’s experiences. This does not make women feel safer or encourage them to tell their stories. It does not help the next generation of women believe they are equals. We are not being called upon to cherish the intrinsic self-worth of women in this society. Our Republican leaders and Judge Kavanaugh have once again shamed women into believing that silence is a better option.

We cannot, as a nation, afford to have our leaders act this way. We must live in truth to reconcile and grow so that, pray God, one day we sincerely value all people in this country.

~Tedrowe and Marcia

One thought on “A Letter to Congress

  1. So a woman’s claim, her accusation, her allegation, her self-believed or not depiction and colorization of past events is enough to demand a “conviction” with no thought given to the credibility or context of such?

    And that’s not even going into the ever-shifting and ever-twisting definitions of “rape,” “sexual assault,” or “sexual harassment” that society has both navigate and put up with.

    Sociology or Social Engineering? Seem the latter to me and a particularly dark form of it since history shows that when accusations are all that are needed, bad things happen.

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