Nature Ballet

Kiting in the Outer Banks

Kite boarding in the Outer Banks, NC

Perhaps humans are most brilliant when we engage our creativity in such a way that it is perfectly complementary to nature. In doing so, we can expand ourselves in harmony with the world we are given, rather than the world we are taking. We might even begin to see how our presence can be a path towards the divine on earth. After all, the Apostle Luke proclaimed quite clearly, “For behold, the kingdom of God is in your midst.” Maybe our only work is to live in such a way that it demonstrates love for the kingdom of God?

What human activities are perfectly aligned with nature? We might think of gymnasts or dancers who can explore the bounds of the human body with extraordinary imagination. We might consider trekkers who can gracefully blend their presence with the fabric of the wilderness they are in. My journey brought me into the world of sailing, where it is quickly apparent that success can only come from submitting one’s will to the wind and water. Nature is always master, and sailors are grateful for living fruitfully in such an environment.

This week in the shallow bay of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, windsurfers are darting across the bay and

2015 North Rebel

2015 North Rebel

kiteboarders are leaping gracefully into the air. It is off season, the days are short, and temperatures can be cold. All the noise of tourism has gone away. But it is in this silence that another earth reveals itself, where the colors of the fall sky are more spectacular and the wind allows us to better feel its patterns. As we skip across the water on our boards, we often match the speeds of the birds flying overhead, as if we were on a common journey. It is in this bliss that I so strongly demand a healthy life for every living being on this earth. I am blessed to experience the world we did not create, yet that I can creatively honor.

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