Marcia lost her first parent, which can be such a unique hardship since it often breeds such a raw, lost, emptiness. It is permanent severance from her father whom she loved very much, a great relationship now frozen at an endpoint that no longer develops. There is no further opportunity to feel kindred love and care born from that bond, or perhaps to reconcile all the unfinished work that all relationships hold. They are gone, with no further utterances from that person we shared this earth with. We are often called to replace their presence as leaders of family, which in and of itself can be lonesome.

I lost my mom, who could never claim the public admiration of Mr. Amidon. She was neither a leader of industry or of government, nor was she triumphant in her family life. In fact, she was the most kind- hearted, compassionate criminal I have ever met, and, when she could escape the heavy dark cloak of her own life, she warmed a room with her love. Mr. Amidon and my mom were from that generation who could demarcate right from wrong with such honest simplicity; I feel somewhat ashamed how it’s this generation’s children – my generation – that lost a moral compass.

The gravity of my mom’s death pulled me into a need of wanting to keep her alive when no life was present. I was drawn into making her time on this planet relevant, where being with her was made possible by gratefully sharing her journey and what I learned. Remembering her was as rudimentarily vital as the act of breathing since her life brought so much to mine.

I wish to remember Mr. Richard Amidon: He had a talent to command presence one should respect, but also made people feel comfortable. He balanced his success against upholding core values that made our country work for such a long time. He had an intellect that he purposefully balanced by working with his hands. He was a public servant in the truest sense of the term, both to his local community and to the State of New Hampshire. He always, always loved his family and took amazing care of them for his entire life.

I am grateful to all that have passed who have shaped my life. May I always take the gift of their presence as my responsibility to perpetually bring goodness to this earth.

God, please bless Mr. Amidon and my mom.

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