Blessed Unrest

We return home from protests and marches with hundreds of thousands of people rebuking Trump’s vision of America. But to hang this rage only on Trump is to miss the larger point that this has been a long time coming. As we have clung to some semblance of quality in life, we forgot what love for the other – the proximate stranger – felt like. We became overwhelmed just by our own pursuit of stability, most overworked and underpaid in the process.


Inauguration Day March: Miami

I will not tolerate us hurting one soul, for each precious soul is our diversity. And without diversity, we die. To be clear, no female, no person-of-color, no person of LGBTQ power, no person of any faith persuasion, no immigrant, no person of any ethnicity, should be robbed from all the dimensions of life that create human dignity. For robbing and raping people of their unique power and journey to enlightenment is injustice. I will not tolerate this rampant crime.

I will not tolerate the endless lying. Evil, only evil, flourishes from the mystification of humankind. “What [we] hear in darkness, [we] speak in daylight. What [we] hear from whispers [we] shout from rooftops,” the divine guru Jesus reminds us. Love can only flourish from a foundation of truth, and we are on this earth to love.

Oh yes, I am angry, and I have been ever since my teens. For my entire life I have watched humans treat humans like shit, seeming to care very little that we are all equal creatures of God. As we kill this planet, we are killing the very thing that keeps us alive, which seemingly characterizes the action of either a psychopath or a sociopath. Tell me please, what the hell are we doing?


Women’s Rally and March: Miami

While I might be able to let go of my pain, I cannot let go of others’, and, truly, enough is enough. So, to the awakened, will you join me in the pit for a fight that is coming? For it is in our goodness to all life that we ride Zoroaster’s vessel of deliverance. And for those of us that ride together, may we all one day celebrate that our work brought us closer to God’s will and love.

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