A More Honest Story


I am so grateful to Nomad Press for letting me explore brave topics in my new book Civic Unrest: Investigate the Struggle for Social Change. This book for teenagers seeks to move beyond simply describing the civic unrest events, to allow teens to explore the underlying meaning of why it happened. As was eloquently discussed at the ASA’s (and Ferguson, MO), civic unrest does not happen in a vacuum, and it is the story behind the action that is so critical to understand.

I am also grateful to my blog partner, Tedrowe, for contributing a section about the Euromaidan protests that took place in Kiev, Ukraine in early 2014. It may be the first book written for this audience that features material on Euromaidan. We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to write this while Ukraine’s revolution was getting started, as we are both intellectually and morally connected to the situation, since Tedrowe’s family lives in Crimea and they were directly affected by the developing struggle.

Please look for the book in May of 2015!

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